About me

I’m Lisanne Lammers, born in 1970 in the Dutch village of Beek en Donk and raised in a creative family.

My career started as autodidact in pottery and ceramics, using my own throwing wheel and kiln at home. Practicing, experimenting and learning from my results. To improve my pottery throwing skills I took lessons at the Pieter Breughel Institute (Veghel, Netherlands) in 1992, leading to the decision to choose a formal Art Academy education. Initially a Sculpting course one day a week in Arendonk (Belgium), and the subsequent year full time at art school.

From 1995 to 2000 I followed the daytime Sculpture program at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (Belgium). Topics like anatomic drawing and sculpting, modeling, welding, mixed media were all part of the curriculum. During my Bachelor years in Antwerp I also took the opportunity to combine the regular day program with additional evening lessons. In the first year drawing lessons and the following two years restoration painting, learning techniques like watercolor painting, gilding, tempora, etc.

After my education in Antwerp, I moved back to the Netherlands. During my spare time, I worked in my own studio at home. Mainly with ceramics and styled sculptures, but also wooden objects, modelling and mixed media. I also was a volunteer coach for amateur ceramic artists at the Howeko foundation.

As the drive for additional skills and challenges in the arts remained, I started in 2015 with a part time mixed-media education at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk (Belgium). It provides me with challenging project assignments that drive me to create exciting new work in my studio.

At this moment I’m a full time artist, ceramics and fine arts, working in my own studio. Different techniques and materials, mixed media and abstract art. One idea leading to many others.

The constant element in my work is still ceramics. Initially evolving from realistic to styled sculptures, it now has further evolved to abstract structures: Ceramics objects, assembled from flat material, thin porcelain, and many different techniques are part of my activities.