Optical /Monochrome art

The “Push Pin” works are the result of working on some monochrome and abstract creations.

The first monochrome work was a ceramic relief in the usual black and white colors, due to the raku-firing. This work lead to other monochrome works in other materials. My art works often results from creative, intuitive experiments. Often new ideas happen by accident by the things I’m surrounded with (in my studio, house or garden).

The thread-series were the first of a combination of a monochrome work with 3d geometrical patterns. The effect of light and shadow fascinated me. I love how the movement of the sun changes these works throughout the course of the day.

These were followed by the push-pin series. This material was perfect to create the light and shadow effect I wanted and also to create geometrical patterns. This optical and minimal effect – the repetition, rhythm and regularity, and the use of the same elements- are what I pursue in these monochrome works.